Returns as of market close on 2/15/2019.

We've developed portfolios based on the investment strategies of history's most successful stock pickers, including Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Martin Zweig, Ken Fisher and Joel Greenblatt.

Portfolio Return
Small-Cap Growth Investor 18.1%
Momentum Investor 17.2%
Growth Investor 16.3%
Patient Investor 13.1%
Contrarian Investor 8.7%
Low PE Investor 8.5%
Growth/Value Investor 7.0%
Value Investor 6.2%
Price/Sales Investor 5.4%
P/E/Growth Investor 1.7%
Earnings Yield Investor 0.5%
Book/Market Investor -1.7%

Consensus Portfolios

Portfolio Return
Validea Hot List 12.7%
Top Five Gurus 4.7%

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